Meet Our Team

Oscar Avilés

CEO Founder

Being exposed to business at an early age, he worked in the family enterprise DALOP, S.A. in Guatemala until he started his studies at the university. As a telecommunications engineer, he worked in different countries in Central America and became an entrepreneur at the age of 31, when he founded Alcom Technologies Inc. His expertise comprises more than 18 years in the world of telecommunications in Central America and Mexico, including key managerial roles, having worked in global companies, such as Alcatel Lucent, Nokia and Ericsson, specializing in BTS, MW, IPD, DWDM, Drive Test, as well as in Benchmarking. 

Rolando Ríos

Business Manager

Bilingual executive with valuable national and international experience of more than 15 years in the commercial, marketing and sales branches, having led sales and back-office teams and optimized business processes that have resulted in increased sales, market share and improvements in response times to internal and external clients.

Roberto García

Operation Manager

Telecommunications engineer with more than 30 years of experience in telecommunication projects, especially dedicated to the design, construction, preventive and corrective maintenance of HFC, FTTX, Inside and Outside Plant Networks. He has developed and implemented new technologies and performed various managerial roles, such as Project Manager, Engineering Manager, Operations and Maintenance Manager, among others.